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Sports and the Game

All over the world, people love sports. Whether it’s going out to watch a game or to play one, sport is a common uniting force. After a trying week of work or school, we all love to enjoy a good sporting event. We yell and scream, laugh and cry when our favorite teams or players do what they do best. ABC Sports put it well delivering the end-line no one has forgotten, we all suffer the “thrill of victory and the agony of defeat” every time we watch our favorite sports event.

The True-Northers
In Canada, the official winter sport is hockey. For the Canadians, success has been golden. As competitors in the Winter Olympics, they have shown their finesse and won since 1920.

Lacrosse, “the Creator’s Game”
Lacrosse is the Canuck country’s official summer sport. Lacrosse, meaning the stick, has deep spiritual roots among First Nations tribes across North America. Originally, the Iroquois, Choctaw and First Nations people organized lacrosse games with 100 to 1,000 men. They played on the field that stretched upwards of 500 to a thousand meters long for 2-3 days. The intent of the game was to bring honor to the Creator and the warriors.

Today, lacrosse reflects the changes William George Beers made in 1855 when he founded the Montreal Lacrosse Club. Beers codified the game, shortening the time the game is played and reducing the number of players.

Sports for the Union Jack
Looking for a football team to love? In the UK, you can make your choice from 100-plus teams. Twenty premier teams stand in the spotlight; the most notoriously famous league is the Manchester United; also popular are the Liverpool and Arsenal. Throughout the year, Union Jack fans eagerly await the FA Cup and the Capitol One Cup.
Not so keen on football? If you live in the UK, you can go with cricket, badminton, tennis or swimming. Wimbledon, once a croquet and lawn tennis tourney, now a world famous tennis competition, originated in the UK.

Aussies Playing “Footy”
Now let’s travel over-the-water to Australia. “Footy” is a nickname for the four beloved football related leagues in Australia, the Rugby, Australian football, and Rugby Union soccer league. Footy is not the only sporting event Aussies enjoy.

A Game for World Peace
Coreeda, a World Martial Arts Union sport, originates with the native aborigine tribes of Australia. Similar to Capoeira and Sumo, players use the traditional kangaroo dance as part of the warm-up. The Coreeda style of wrestling is becoming quite popular, interest in new clubs is spreading across the country, the Coreeda Association hopes to host a First Nations Coreeda Championship and play for “world peace.”